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Skills Availability Assessment to Support Site Location Decision

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The Challenge

The organisation sought to establish an HR Shared Service Centre for the Europe Middle East and Africa Region. The countries had already been narrowed down to Greece, Poland or the UK. HR was asked to provide evidence supporting each location, to enable the business to make their final decision. With the potential benefits to the business already clear, the location would be determined by the right mix of skills and language availability, in addition to the cost of resources. Amongst those involved, a clear assumption had already been made as to which site would provide the most beneficial location.

The Campaign

Our research comprised identifying major international companies with significant HR operations in the specified countries. In each company, the BRS Team sought out HR professionals at a number of levels, made tailored approaches to them and gained insight on skills availability combined with our client’s language requirements and salary levels. This process was repeated with local Recruiters, as well as University heads of faculty and their recruitment departments. BRS provided the client with a transparent view of the assignment at all times through regular update calls and progress reports. This provided them with full insight and control over the direction of the assignment.


A summary table allowing easy comparison of the data across each country, clearly highlighted the location with the best combination of available skills, languages and cost of resource. Insight to each country, a breakdown of the data and reasons behind these opinions was also presented. Our client then shared this market intelligence with the business which proved crucial in the decision making process. All the background data was made available, meaning a full audit could be carried out if any of the data was called into question. A welcome by-product was a list of candidates that could be approached for a number of these roles. And the final location decision, although not in line with original assumptions, was justified through this research.