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Global Leader Marketing

Global Leader Marketing

Sourcing Passive Candidates for Roles across the UK

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The Challenge

This client came to us with a very common hiring issue. Traditionally an organisation which cultivated and promoted talent from within, they were looking to bolster their Talent pool for Junior and Mid-Level Sales Managers at key locations across the UK. The use of contingent agencies had proved time consuming, expensive and yielded inconsistent results. This was due to general low availability of good active candidates in the market and a high demand for their services.

The Campaign

The BRS Team conducted research into competitor and aligned organisations with similar sized sales forces in order to identify and approach passive candidates and assess their skills and career ambitions. The solution therefore, was to develop a talent pipeline of interested and relevant candidates for the business to draw down from when required. BRS Global spent time on client site with team members to understand the culture of the organisation and the sales teams within it. Regular reporting from a single point of contact with us meant a clear flow of information for our client in internal recruitment and their ability to maintain oversight and control of the project.


200 target organisations identified, 800 people highlighted to approach with 600 spoken to in depth. This led to the delivery of a 100 candidate strong talent pipeline, all interested in developing a career with our client, now or in the future. The business now has a direct access to a large talent pool of individuals, who are both relevant sales managers and open to joining the organisation as roles become available.