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Reduce Costs. Make Direct Hires.

One of the main reasons our clients come to us is because they anticipate difficulty accessing enough talent to support their single or several hiring requirements. Our research teams are available to provide a specialist extension to your own team and support timely and cost effective recruitment required by the business. Many of our clients have an internal recruitment function which has experience of accessing the active candidate market and possibly the semi-active market, via business networking sites like Linkedin and other online communities. Though there are a growing number of potential candidates with an online presence, many remain hidden. We access the true passive candidate market, irrespective of web presence, to identify all candidates with the required skills and bring the best into your recruitment pipeline.

We provide all clients with a senior, single point of contact who oversees smooth and timely delivery of the project. Through effective communication and regular reporting, we are adept at supporting our clients even when their business requirements change and always strive to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our work, by presenting regular reports and providing our clients with ownership of all found candidate data.

Stage One – Market Mapping

Following a detailed brief, often conducted in person with the business and internal recruitment function, detailed assessment of the market is started. In-depth research is undertaken into competitor and related organisations and a database is compiled of relevant target candidates matching job functions and reporting lines.

Stage Two – Talent Approach

Our team of dedicated recruitment consultants make a professional approach to potential candidates and market your organisation and the opportunity within the business. Detailed candidate notes are compiled through conversations with all candidates, including; Experience, Motivation, Salary and Location as well as any specific criteria specified by the client during the briefing. Relevant and motivated candidates are then delivered into the Recruitment Process.

Stage Three – Talent Review and Interview

Effective handover of candidates to the internal recruiter or direct to the business allows a smooth transition to the interview and offer process. Where required, a long-list meeting will be held with the client to agree candidates for short listing. As standard with our service we will supply additional support throughout the process, as you require.

 “We have reduced agency usage from 80% to 22%, and experienced marked improvements in our quality of hire. BRS have been instrumental in this success.” – Director of Talent Acquisition EMEA and Asia-Pacific, Top Five Global Data Storage and Services Organisation. 


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