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Predict Future Hiring Requirements and Own Candidate Data for the Business to Recruit on Demand 

Our clients engage our talent pipelining solutions when they have a repeated need to hire people with similar skills in single or multiple locations. Time to hire and quality of hire may be affected by low candidate volumes and if agencies are being used, recruitment can often be prohibitively high. The main attractions to using our services are reducing time to hire, improving candidate quality and reducing recruitment costs. Our talent pipelining and mapping services provide an on-going stream of candidates to support business growth and staff turnover. Having access to the best candidates ensures the business has candidate choice and can make quality hires at short notice. Additionally, the candidate data we gather and pass on, including salary, skills and location yields wider market knowledge to support hiring decisions. Overall we deliver a measurable return on investment, designed to make hiring predictable, repeatable and economical.

We provide all clients with a senior, single point of contact who oversees smooth and timely delivery of the project. Through effective communication and regular reporting, we are adept at supporting our clients even when business requirements change and always strive to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Our Process

Stage One

Client Brief: Meet with the internal recruitment function and business to fully understand the requirements, agree scope of the project and expected outcomes. Identify the key information relevant to candidates to build the candidate proposition and Employer Brand positioning.

Company Identification: The right candidates will likely only exist in certain competitor and related organisations, so this process is key.

Candidate Identification: Candidates with the right job titles or relevant job functions are identified. Using our proven methodology we located candidates from both competitor organisations and the wider passive candidate market as a whole.

Stage Two   

Candidate Engagement: Effective positioning of the Employer Brand and candidate proposition ensures a high proportion of detailed career conversations. Information such as skill-levels, salaries, motivations and timing appropriateness for a move are ascertained, along with responses to any key questions asked by the business, specific to the role.

Talent Pipeline Created: All candidates are evaluated against the client’s particular brief and the relevant individuals are referred to your recruitment lead.

Stage Three

Management of Talent Pipeline: On-going engagement with the talent pool ensures your ability to make repeat hires. Regular communication results in Employer Brand and candidate proposition remaining fresh, so candidates continue to be open to opportunities in the organisation. As you own all of the candidate data, you may wish to manage the talent pool, or alternatively we can handle this for you.

“BRS are one of the few partners who are able to match the regional diversity of our business. Through them we are able to build valuable talent pipelines for future growth.”  – Director of HR, International, One of the World’s Largest Financial Services Organisations.

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