Compile headhunt shortlists – no placement fees

We do the legwork. You own the recruitment process.

  • Make more direct hires
  • Be more proactive in identifying future talent
  • Win the compitition for rare talent


Working as an extension of your in-house recruitment team, our researchers can find you the passive candidates you need for complex hires.

  1. We map the market

    You brief us and we provide you with a fee based on the time we think it will take us to find you the talent you need. We research your competitors and related industries to identify candidates that match your specifications.

  2. We qualify potential candidates if you want us to

    We can either hand over the complete list of candidates to you after stage 1 or narrow down the list, qualifying them according to more specific criteria or through an approach. For each approach we compile detailed notes on our conversations relating to experience, motivation, salary and location

  3. We hand over the longlist to your recruitment team

    Along with the candidate list, you receive all the relevant information we have gathered which could be useful in the final interviewing and shortlisting phase. We can provide this in a report and meet to discuss the details.

  4. You use the list to make one hire or several

    Because we work on a cost-for-time basis, the cost to you is the same whether you make one hire or fill several hard-to-recruit-for positions.

  5. You retain the longlist of candidates for your recruitment pipeline

    We hand over the full candidate list that we produced to reach the final result.

How you save on traditional headhunting fees

There are no placement fees linked to this service. You pay for the time it takes us to deliver the research you need. We’ll let you know exactly how much that will be at the start of the assignment. That’s all you pay.


Finding Rare Fintech Operational Talent

The role: ​Director of Operations, UK 
Sector: ​FINTECH
Organisation: ​Global financial services company

The challenge
To maintain its market leading position this client needed to set up a new product team in the UK to develop and adapt US products for the EMEA market. They needed an experienced Operations Director to build and lead the team. They asked us to identify relevant next generation product skills in fintech startups.

What we did

  • Identified a list of 80 potential candidates
  • Assessed potential candidates’ relevant experience and motivations
  • Gave the client a longlist of 6 candidates for them to take through their recruitment process

The result for the client

  • Made the hire from the longlist
  • Gained market insight and competitor intelligence

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