It’s nearly Christmas and here at BRS Global we’re looking ahead to the New Year – traditionally a time of great upheaval for recruitment functions as many workers make it their Resolution to switch careers.

To help internal recruitment functions prepare for the upcoming busy months we have put together our Favourite Five funny recruitment related videos that will amuse and entertain you while hopefully still providing some top tips on how to identify the best candidates in 2013.

1) Know Your Company Culture and How to Sell It

We previously covered this hack day effort from Twitter when their attempt to make the Best and Worst Recruitment Video went viral earlier this year. What Twitter demonstrate brilliantly here is the importance of understanding your company culture and how to market it. Like a Tweet itself this offering from the social media giant is a funny, short and high impact call to action. Knowing what kind of culture you represent and what kind of candidates you want to market to is half the battle of finding well suited candidates.

2) Do Your Research (Or get BRS Global to do it for you) 

While amusing, this video from Armstrong and Miller also demonstrates the value of doing prior research on your candidates. Making sure your candidates are suited to the position early on in the hiring process helps narrow down the candidate list before interviews even begin. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions from the very start – or better yet, to save time and resources, bring in a company like BRS Global to handle your screening process for you, ensuring only relevantly qualified candidates go forward to interview.

3) Reward Creativity (Where Appropriate) 

Consider what kinds of candidates would be right for both your position and your company as a whole. Maybe, like the stockbrokers in the Pursuit of Happyness, you would value a highly creative individual in your team. Securing such a candidate would obviously require a very different interview approach to that used to select a bank manager. Rather than having a standard, all purpose set of interview questions, you might want to think about constructing a set of questions tailored to each position that will allow the candidates to fully demonstrate the desired qualities, such as imagination and inventiveness. Should your company thrive on energy and risk consider taking a chance on the unconventional candidate, like Chris Gardner.

4) Recognise Future Potential 

Sometimes a candidate clearly just is not right – right now. Maybe it is because they are not the right culture fit for your company – or maybe it is just a question of needing more experience. If you can see a candidate working at your company further down the line, ensure you monitor this future potential by keep their details on file or by offering them an internship. You might even place them in a dedicated talent pipeline for easy placement when the appropriate position arises. In a time when top quality talent is hard to find, it would be remiss to focus on the perfect candidate for ‘right now’ and lose track of the ideal candidates of the future.

We hope you have found these videos as helpful (and amusing) as we have. As a final thought for 2012 we leave you with:

5) A Comprehensive Study on How NOT to Conduct your Interview Process

Merry Christmas from the BRS Global Team!

Do you still anticipate that you will be struggling with your hiring needs in the New Year? Maybe you will be inundated with a high volume of applicants in need of screening. Or you’ll be searching for the perfect candidate for a hard to fill niche position? Perhaps you would like to set up a dedicated talent pipeline? Maybe you want to set up a dedicated talent pipeline?

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