In our last article we examined in closer detail the different types of Competitive Intelligence offered by BRS Global. In this edition we are focusing on another service that, while a standalone, can often follow on to Competitive Intelligence.

As detailed on our Talent Pipelining page, this is a service engaged by clients when they have a repeated need to hire people with similar skills, in single or multiple locations. Rather than make several individual searches for positions, BRS Global can source many suitable and receptive candidates at once and place them into a candidate funnel that the client can then access to recruit on demand.

There are several main Advantages associated with constructing a Talent Pipeline:

  • Hiring is predictable, repeatable and economical. Time to hire is decreased while quality of hire is increased
  • Business growth is supported
  • Regular communication with candidates in the Talent Pipeline results in improved Employer Brand
  • You own all candidate data so there is no fee for hiring.
  • While designed to support ongoing staff turnover, the pipeline also has the advantage of providing quality hires for positions needing to be filled at short notice
  • It is highly customisable, and as a result it can be scaled to all kinds of client specifications, including many different budgets

Forms of Talent Pipelining:
There are two forms of Talent Pipelining Service:

1) A one off pipeline. Useful, for example, in providing a flow of high quality candidates to support the opening of a new office, where a number of hires will need to be made within a specified period. In this instance once the pipeline has fulfilled its initial purpose the client may then choose to maintain it themselves to support further staff turnover and expansion.

2) An ongoing service. Designed to support clients who have a number of roles they find it particularly difficult to recruit for, meaning staff replacement is a major problem. Given the need for a constantly replenished pool of talent, in addition to ongoing contact with the existing pipelined candidates, the client may choose to retain BRS Global to manage the pipeline on their behalf.

Complimentary Services:
As mentioned, Talent Pipelining can make the ideal progression from several of our Competitive Intelligence services, and may be something you wish to consider incorporating into your BRS Global contract. Because BRS strives to give the best service possible, we will work with you to support you when your objectives change, for example the addition of a Talent Pipeline to your project.

1) Feasibility Study:
Once presented with the results of BRS Global’s thorough investigation in agreed locations on the availability of skills, cost of skills, time to hire, cost of hire, the client will be able to make their final decision on, for example, where to open their new office.

Nearer the time, they may return to ask BRS Global to use the data they produced to begin approaching suitable candidates in order to place them within a talent pipeline ready for placement.

This method has several Advantages, namely:

  • BRS Global are already familiar with the needs of the client and understand their company culture
  • Candidate trust has been built with the client
  • BRS Global are already familiar with the data and can begin working with it straight away.
  • Through the course of our investigation we may well have come across candidates who would be immediately willing to join the pipeline

2) Candidate Screening:
As part of the candidate screening process the client will be presented with those applicants most suited to the client’s chosen job specification and company culture. Rather than just selecting one candidate for the available position, the client may choose to have BRS Global create a talent pipeline from the other interesting candidates, who have already expressed a willingness to join the organisation.

This method also has several Advantages:

  • Very useful for saving time in the future where there may be an additional requirement to fill similar positions
  • Rather than finding just one high quality candidate as originally planned, the client now has access to several

We hope this article has provided some illumination on this most flexible, and useful, of services. If you would like to know more about Talent Pipelining, or would like to hear more about any of the services mentioned on our website, you can contact us by requesting a call back through, emailing us at or by calling us directly on +44 20 7748 4393.